Aliases/Real Name - Richard Massullo

First Appearance - Spawn #25

Powers/Abilities - Tremor is basicaly a gigantic beats the type you only see in your nightmares, super strength and ... well that's it.

Story - Richard and David Massullo. Two brothers, so much alike, so far apart. Since childhood, Richard tagged along with his older brother David. If David did it, Richard wanted to do it. Richard, bigger and stronger than anyone he knew, would do anything for David. Growing up in the Bronx, the brothers witnessed the under side of local organized crime. After enlisting in a protection scam with local merchants, the two youths quickly snared the attention of then up-and-coming mob boss Tony Twist.

It was Richard's brute force that aroused Twist, but he took them as a package with Richard as the strength and David as the cold heart. Twist began funding science corporations and former maverick government scientists to continue their work in mutational genetics, microsurgery, abstract bionics and over rim radiation studies. The creation of the ultimate soldier/hitman was their pilot project.

Richard Massullo a superb employee stayed under Twist's command into full adulthood but he wanted out. With a wife and children that he loved very much, he longed to be a normal guy with a desk job. He was good at his job as a Mafia enforcer and it paid well, but it did not control his heart. He and his wife had plans of starting their own grocery store. To his brother's disagreement, Richard was going to quit. David informed Tony Twist of Richard's plans hoping that Twist would offer his brother more money to stay. But Twist had other plans. In one fell swoop, Twist captured Richard and brought him to a lab in Germany. Where he became a guinea pig for his construction of the ultimate "Mafia-Made Man".

Richard, in order to spare his family's lives, agreed with Tony's demands. An unholy combination of a new strain chemicals and radiation transformed Richard's body into a mutated form that was neither man nor beast. He became what is now known as TREMOR!

Even though they could mold Richard's body, they could not mutate the mind and will of a man they truly did not own. Thus the experiment was seen as a failure and they killed Richard's family in spite, but spared Tremor's Brother. Days later Tremor escaped.

With their freakish creation at large, Twist told David that a monster, sent by their enemies, killed Richard and his family. Twist convinced David that he had saved him, and that together they would seek revenge for his family's slaughter.

Tremor and Spawn the most unlikely alliance ever formed. Joining forces they confronted Twist, but by that time Twist's lies had become a tangled web in David's mind. Even with Tremor's pleas, David couldn't see the truth. He refused to see it. David uncontrollably emptied his gun into the monster that was once his brother, but Spawn intervened. In doing so he crippled David's leg, which induced the anger of Tremor. A blur of activities occur, and Spawn and Tremor are left among the carnage, the blood and the uncertainty of what their next meeting would bring.

Friends, foes or something in between?

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