Aliases/Real Name - Antonio Twistelli (a.k.a. Dracula)

First Appearance - Spawn # 6

Powers/Abilities - Ruthless man, several mob and underworld connections.

Story - Antonio Carlo Twistelli, the boss of bosses in New York, arrogant, brutal and with a futuristic vision that continues to keep him a level above the rest.

From the ranks of his under boss through the lower sections of his soldiers to even the most petty of street punks he is known as 'Don Dracula'. Noted for his ability to drain the life out of those that oppose him and those that seek to compete with his power. Born and raised in Villalba, Sicily in a modest farming family of a bandit-infested district in west central Sicily. His parents were not particularly well off, but they considered themselves superior to their neighbors for they had relatives in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Twist's maternal uncle and cousin were priests and both of them rose quickly to the rank of bishop; two of Twist's younger brothers followed their kinsmen into the religious life.

Antonio had more worldly ambitions. His hunger for money and power took him to one of the most violent and ruthless gangs in Sicily. There he quickly proved himself as not only the toughest and most savage, but also the smartest. This caught the eye of the head of the crime family in Sicily and he took the young Antonio Twistelli under his dark wing. At the age of 18 Antonio Twistelli came to America and became Tony Twist. He went from a young enforcer of the streets to his current status of vast fortune, controlling a criminal empire and counting on the loyalty of an invisible army of powerful men who owe him a lifetime of favors. Jason Wynn being one of those men, became injected into the life of Tony Twist when the Violator began killing members of the Mafia during one of his rampages. Through descriptive confusion from varied sources, Twist was led to believe that Spawn was the party guilty of these murders. The ongoing conflict between Spawn and Twist began there.

"Bring me his heart," said Tony Twist with a tone of cold conviction. Little did Twist know that the removal of Spawn's heart was a task not so easily accomplished. To reach this goal he would have to have help. Powerful help.

Overt-Kill the Mafia Murder Machine and Jason Wynn have both been involved in Twist's plans. The crossing of paths has led to victories, defeats and stand-offs. The final result of this battle has yet to be fully realized.

To prepare himself for this war, Twist has sent his family back to the safety of Sicily in case Spawn should seek them out. He is also walking a very thin wire between the other Dons and Sicily's head of organized crime - Luciano Bartino. Overt-Kill has yet to be returned to Bartino and questions of Twist's loyalty are starting to be raised within the family.

Tony Twist is at a serious crossroads in his power plans. One path will lead him to the pinnacle of organized crime and the other could send him swirling into the warm embrace of Hell.

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