August, 1997 wide release, 2,000 screens.

Special Effects by Industrial Light and Magic headed by Steve "Spaz" Williams, the genius who brought Jurassic Park's T-Rex and Star Wars' Jabba The Hut to life.

Directed by Mark Dippe, the special effects supervisor on Jurassic Park, The Flintstones, The Mask, and Terminator 2.

Stars Michael Jae White, Martin Sheen, and John Leguizamo.

Executive Produced by Todd McFarlane and Alan Bloomquest.

45 Million Dollar Budget.

Tentative overseas releases of the movie: Spain - October/November 1997.
France, Germany, South Africa - December, 1997.
UK - December, 1997 or January, 1998.
Japan - First Quarter 1998.

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