Five after being murdered by corrupt friends in a secret government agency, Al Simmons (Micheal Jai White) does a pact with a demon, Malebolgia. The deal was for Simmons to return to earth he would have to agree to be commander of Hell's armies. Wanting desperatly to see his wife Wanda (Theresa Russel) again Simmons accepted Malebolgia terms.

Before he was murdered, Simmons was a government soldier, but what he was then is nothing compared to what he is now. Fueled with superhuman strength, a living armor and other incredible powers (such as the chains attached to his armor) Spawn is accosted by two characters.

Cogliostro (Nicol Williamson) encourages Spawn to fight against Malebolgia and become a true champion for mankind. However Clown (John Leguizzamo), a degradating being with a twisted sense of humor, tries to lead Spawn towards Armaggedon. To be sure that the pact between Malebolgia and Spawn is sealed, Clown (Violator in it's human form) allies himself with Jason Wynn (Martin Sheen).

Wynn who was attempting world domination, set strategic placed bombs containing an ultra deadly component called C-16 on the most important cities of the world. But due to it's ingenuity, which Clown took advantage, Wynn was convinced by Clown that the only assurance it's plan fell through was to have him (Wynn) place a device in his heart that would detonate the bombs of C-16 if it stopped beating. And so Clown's plan was laid out, Spawn wanting revenge for his death had Wynn (who was the man responsible for Al Simmons termination)was going after Wynn. His heart on the other hand was connected to the fate of mankind. If Wynn's heart stops beating Armaggedon will come about.

Will Spawn finish what he started and consequently destroy mankind or will he fight Malebolgia even if it means sparing Wynn life?

Or is there another way than these two options?

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