First Appearance - Spawn #40 to #42

Powers/Abilities - He's a cybernetic enhanced gigantic ape (withdraw your conclusions) ...

Story - Many attempts to make the perfect soldier have been made by the government group simply known as "The Agency". Most have failed. Some went in a direction best forgotten. The Agency made multiple experiments to try and nrecreate the progressive formula that was also used with the Youngblood contention. There was the one hurdle left unscaled. The file to make the host of the project more... controllable.

The branch that Jason Wynn was in charge of needed that file. Wynn sent his best agent to liberate that file. That agent was Al Simmons. Simmons was truly the best there was. Getting the file was easy for a man of his varied talents in espionage. Signed, sealed and delivered to the hands of Jason Wynn.

Enter Sergeant Stephen "Smithy" Smith. Assassin-in-training in the same trench group as Al Simmons, Smithy looked up to Simmons. He wanted to follow in Al's bloody footsteps. Al took Smithy under his wing and taught him the extra trade secrets that you cannot learn in the Agency academy. Simmons saw a lot of himself in the young, tough sergeant.

Al Simmons was soon to be the core of a web that spun nothing but tragedy. Doctor/Scientist Fredrick Willheim was an innovator in the field of genetic neurology and cybernetics. Upon learning of his experiments, the Agency invited Dr. Willheim to head up their Cybernetic Simian Project, part of their attempts to make the perfect super soldier.

The Agency demanded a super human. Dr. Willheim had to find a way to transfer a man's thought process into the body of an ape. It sounded alike a very bad 1950's monster movie, but Willheim knew it could be done with today's technology. A brain transplant was not viable due to the human pain perception problem. Dr. Willheim would introduce attributes of a human mind into an ape in a slow, calculated percentage. He would work it up to an ideal 90/10 human-to-ape ratios.

Dr. Willheim was provided with the largest silver back gorilla ever captured as a vessel for the experiment. It's size and power was incredible. He enhanced its power even further with a fantastic mesh link of cybernetics.

The Agency also provided the doctor with a human for the brain portion of the project. A brain that had been exposed and put through the best military training that could be provided. The brain belonged to Sergeant Stephen Smith. The Agency felt that Smithy was the perfect subject for this experiment. Smithy did not agree and he did not go quietly into the night.

Months went by. Willheim became even more obsessed with the experiment. All else went to the side, including his health. The Agency grew weary of the doctor's anal-retentive ways. They increased the deadlines and made cuts in his finances. Ultimately Willheim's body gave out to the work and stress. He died with the project incomplete. Instead of having the brain ratio favoring the human side, it stalled at a percentage of 90/10 on the part of the ape. The result was an override of the primal patterns and a blockage of the human side when enraged or frustrated. When in a more sedate mode the human process is able to emerge more and deal with problem solving and feelings of emotion and progressive thought.

Smith's side of the thought process has put the half-metal half-beast now known as Cy-Gor on a path of revenge. Revenge on the Agency that took away the life that he had known and revenge on the man he once looked up to, Al Simmons. For it was Al Simmons that brought the last key to this sick mutation to the Agency. The key that made him Cy-Gor!

The web now grows tighter. Cy-Gor is in New York searching for Simmons. The Agency is tracking Cy-Gor to place him under their control. And Spawn is right in the middle.

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