The Man himself

Spawn is or was Al Simmons. Simmons was a U.S government operative who worked for Jason Wynn. Once the agent and most decorated soldier he was betrayed and murdered by his own men and due to the life he took (assassin) he was sent to Hell.

Once there he was taken to the Eight Sphere where he was presented to Malebolgia, the supreme ruler of hell. Malebolgia proposed a deal to Al, if he were to lead Hellīs army against Heaven he could go back to Earth, and Simmons craving for the love of his wife Wanda said Yes.However he did not read the fine print on the deal, and that was his biggest mistake!

When he got back to the land of the living it had been 5 years since his death and his beloved wife had already re married to... his BEST friend Terry Fitzgerald. And to make things better he had amnesia, didn't remember who he was or even WHAT he was.

It's in this twisted world that Al becomes SPAWN and begins his journey...

The Creator of Spawn

Todd Mcfarlane

The creator of Spawn and other Image Comics. Born in March 16, 1961 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He started as a writer for Marvel Comics in 1984, but only after receiving over 700 rejection letters!!

There he redesigned the Amazing Spider Man which was the catalyst that ultimately launched Todd's super star career as a comic book artist. Todd brought his own unique style to Spider Man replacing his webs, transposing his human body to spidery positions, and adding spider-looking eyes.

But Todd wanted more control over his comics so he created Image Comics. Image allowed each artist to publish together, but reap the awards individually.

Details about the movie

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